Cemforce uses unrivalled sustainable and cost-effective sanitation solutions to contribute to the human and environmental development of South Africa. Since 1997, we have improved the quality of life of over 500 000 households by directly addressing sanitation needs throughout Southern Africa.


Why do we take Pride?

Globally, 2.5 billion people still do not have access to a safe, clean toilet. Countless South Africans don’t have access to a clean and safe toilet. The provision of hygienic toilet facilities contributes directly to the standard of education received by pupils, the health of individuals and the dignity of communities in the most remote areas of the country.

Address by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa at the National Sanitation Indaba, Durban. 15 May 2015 - “The lack of adequate sanitation encourages the transmission of many infectious diseases including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, and ascariasis. Diarrhea – a disease directly related to poor sanitation – it is said, kills one child every 20 seconds.

This is more than 4,000 children every day worldwide. This amounts to more deaths than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. This is a tale of diseases that are easily spread and young lives that are needlessly lost. The lack of adequate sanitation exposes women and children to potential harm.”


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By improving how we deal with human waste, we can save lives, improve a child’s health, and ensure greater dignity, privacy, and personal safety, particularly for women and girls. We take pride in the Cemforce VIP toilet range of quality product that it is the only VIP toilet system that bears the Agrément SA stamp of approval. It has been extensively tested by the CSIR and accepted by government (as per Government Gazette 25492, Notice 2512) as conforming to set National standards. This not only guarantees the technology utilised but also the quality and workmanship. This system has been tried and tested as the most economical and sustainable sanitation system in the long run. Take an in-depth look at the various aspects of Cemforce’s product development and implementation by clicking on one of the links below:

The Cemforce VIP Toilet

When compared to other prefabricated toilets, the Cemforce VIP toilet has a larger pit capacity and the added benefit that it can be moved (very quickly and easily) when the pit is full. Emptying the VIP pits have been proven to be an almost impossible task and using immovable structures (like brick built structures) can be very costly in the long run!

Cemforce Pour flush Toilets

The Cemforce Pour Flush Toilet bridges the gap between limited budget and scares water resources, on the one hand and the aspiration for the status, equality and convenience of flush toilets on the other hand.


The Cemforce toilets are a more sophisticated form of sanitation than an ordinary pit latrine. It is both hygienic and inexpensive.

Assembled in 10 minutes

By local unskilled labourers without the use of any machinery.

Local labour

With a particular focus on women, is used to assemble the units

Large Production

High production capacity of 200 per day

Inexpensive construction

No expensive tools or cranes needed

The only relocate able toilet

A larger pit capacity and the added benefit that it can be moved

Conform to Agrément

South Africa cert no. 2003/299/300



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Our passion to empower

By using local unskilled labourers, and creating the opportunity for local contractors to attain a sustainable business.The impact on the community and a country is immeasurable as it restores dignity with access to proper and safe sanitation. Cemforce is honoured to be associated with the Age of Hope project, supporting the South African Government’s water & sanitation goals for the millennium.