Product Details

The Cemforce VIP Toilet

The Cemforce VIP toilet (Ventilated Improved Pit latrine) is a more sophisticated form of sanitation than an ordinary pit latrine. It is both hygienic and inexpensive. When compared to other prefabricated toilets, the Cemforce VIP toilet has a larger pit capacity and the added benefit that it can be moved (very quickly and easily) when the pit is full. Emptying the VIP pits have been proven to be an almost impossible task and using immovable structures (like brick built structures) can be very costly in the long run!

Unique features

  • Adhere to SA Standards (very few other supplier really do this) Link to SANS
  • Lightweight material reduces handling and transport cost – components can be carried by hand, even the 4m2 floor slab.
  • Easy Construction – local unskilled labourers without the use of any machinery can do the installation
  • Superior design and quality – the first and only VIP toilet approved by Agrement SA that complies with relevant SANS codes as being fit for purpose.
  • Sustainable long term use – the structure can be relocated to a new pit once the first pit is full. Moving can be done without dismantling of structure.
  • Durable cement based material that cannot corrode or rot.
  • Dignity Toilet – Superstructure for the physically disabled.
  • The superstructure is made from the same GRC material as the standard superstructure but with internal measurements of 1800 mm deep x 1700 mm wide x 2000 mm high.
  • The door, 1120 mm wide, provides easy access for the physically disabled person in a wheelchair.

Health and Hygiene

Cemforce VIP Toilet Hand wash facility

CSIR type Tip-tap water dispenser with re-used 2 litre cold drink bottle is attached as a standard feature to the Cemforce VIP toilet. This ensures easy access to water to wash hands increasing the hygiene factor significantly in all households.

Technical Specifications

The Cemforce VIP Toilet consists of light weight reinforced cement, panel-type toilet superstructure, bolted onto a floor slab, over an unlined, partially lined, or fully-lined pit.

The lightweight material reduces handling and transport costs, and local, unskilled labourers can do the installation without any machinery. The structure can be relocated to a new pit once the first pit is full – moving can be done without dismantling of the structure. The durable cement-based material cannot corrode or rot.

The Floor slabs 75 mm thick, made from GRC but also reinforced with steel and is the central structural component of the VIP toilet. It provides a stable footing while allowing the structure to move independently from the pit. It is not made up of different sections nor uses the pit walls as a foundation. The slab protrudes wide over the pit not to place too much pressure on the ground surrounding the pit. The combination of an extensive footing with lightweight construction enables the VIP toilet to be erected safely over unlined or partially lined pits.

Resources & Downloads

We have included a few resources that you may download to assist you with your project planning. Click on the download links below to start downloading. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information.


Technical Drawings

Powerpoint Presentation

Cemforce Flush Toilet Manual

Installation Video

The Cemforce VIP Toilet structure can be used in combination with a wide variety of pit linings. This can range from brick built or concrete linings to soilcrete or plastic lining. The depth of the linings can also vary from a full lining to only a 500mm pit collar. We prefer to use interlocking GRC panel put collars because it is easy to handle and distribute on site, easy to install as well as being very effective and economical.

Benefits of a round pit

  • More stable than a square pit
  • Standard Dimensions: 1.5m diameter x 1.7, deep
  • Capacity 3m³ (plus an additional 500mm freeboard if required)
  • For a 2m³ pit capacity the pit only needs to be 1.2m deep.

We recommend the round pit for the following:

  • For stable soil conditions: Round pit with 500 mm deep interlocking GRC panel pit collar
  • For unstable soil, like sand: Round pit with 2m deep interlocking GRC panel pit collar

Transport and logistics
Deliver to the doorstop even is very remote areas with difficult access routes.

Benefits of a square pit

  • Easier to excavate than a round pit
  • Standard Dimensions: 1.7m x 1.7m x 1m deep – Capacity 3m³

We recommend the square pit for the following:

  • For high water table and shallow rock and clay soil
  • Square GRC box pit that can be raised above the ground if necessary when the water table is very high and the rock is very shallow.